6 Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas for Sisters

This festival lets you cherish the everlasting relation between brother and sister. A sister strives to make the best of the day by bringing in her brother’s favorite desserts with an amazing rakhi. Similarly, brother acknowledges the eternal bond by presenting her with unique gifts.

Gadget Freak

If your sister loves to engross in gadgets of any kind, this is the best time to give her one. Be it a phone, power bank or Bluetooth enabled speaker if she is to do a lot with her phone. This would let her realize how much her brother loves each time when she uses. These days a wristband with a combination of watch and health check tracker have been in huge demand and supply. Nurture your sister with this amazing gift to show that you not only love her but also care and protect her.

Rakha bandhan return gifts

Makeover Kit

Most girls are so found of maintaining a huge number of quality makeup products. A brand new makeup, pedicure, manicure, facial or wax kit would certainly delight her due to the utmost care showered by her brother. It can also be a hair straightener or curler if your sister is fond of always setting her hair set as per occasions. You can even book an appointment in a parlor or a spa for letting your sister pamper herself.


There are innumerable fragrances widely available in the market. A new scented deodorant or a perfume can be the perfect gift for your sister if she is really fond of being surrounded by a fresh aroma.


Falling short of clothes to wear is an everlasting issue for any girl. You have amazing ranges and choices in this section to please your sister. Gift Kasuti saree, a pure unique saree for your sister if she prefers to have a collection. Any formal or informal wear be it salwar kameez or Jeans or Kurti or Scarf would be a great option.Kasuti saree online


Be it a clutch, handbag or wallet, these trendy forms of bags made of pure leather shall certainly please your sister. However, with the increasing awareness of protecting cows, an alternative to pure leather called faux leather is in huge demand. The leather is not restricted to only bags but also extended to shoes, wrist watches, and jackets.


It can be a full day excursion to a nearby happening place or a short trip to any favorite holiday destination. It need not be restricted to only brother and sister. The opportunity can be grabbed to enjoy a family gets together. Time constraint is a major set back these days for planning such events. If this is your case, you can dine out at a relishing eatery near you or go on a long drive in your favorite means of transport.

Awesome presents for awesome Mums.

mother's day gift ideas, mother's day 2017

Hey Friends! Let me jog your memory as Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it’s falling on Sunday 14th of May this year. As we know mother’s day is celebrated to honour our mother and show gratefulness for their presence in our life. Since, there is no one in the entire world who can take place of a mom.

Mother’s Day is day of mums; the day to thank mum for everything she did for her family, this is the day to remind her importance in our life as well as she needed to be pampered and be reminded how special is she.

People all over the world celebrate mother’s day by presenting gifts to mother, planning surprise party etc. But today mother’s day is celebrated by gifting cakes, flowers, greeting card, visiting restaurants, gifting jewellery.

Why don’t you shoot for an amazing present that’s as unique as your mom!

You will be taken to an online gifting store where you can buy awesome presents for your mom, choose from large collection of aromatic attractive fresh flowers to mesmerizingly delicious cakes.

Make this Mother’s day remarkable for your mom and do your best to make her feel delightful on that special day.

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What sort of gifts can I send online?

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How Experiences Become Superior Valentine’s Gifts:

Valentine’s Day comes with a lot of surprises and gifts, creates stories, and some new amazing experiences of couples. There are many stories of couples celebrating their Valentine’s Day in different ways But all those stories were pretty alike except the one which I would like to share with you all.

This story is about a cute couple Stella and Rob, who celebrated their Valentine’s Day in an interestingly unique way. Every year they use celebrate by giving gifts, Exotic flowers and end up the day with a romantic dinner. But this time the young couple decided to celebrate their Valentine’s Day in an untraditional way, where there are no flowers, no gifts, although lots of fun, understanding and receiving exactly what they want.

The Valentine’s Day of the couple begins where Stella spent her morning fishing with Rob, and Later the couple went out for shopping in a mall where Rob accompanies Stella at the time she browses.     They hadn’t purchased any kind of gifts for them. Instead, they are offering each other the most precious gift of their company by participating together in every activity which they don’t usually choose for each other. They spent the whole day as one being there for each other every instance and the beautiful day ended up with a lovely dinner prepared by the couple assisting each other while cooking.

This was the most delightful experience they found on their Valentine’s Day and which would never fade up as other gifts when the month of March rolls in.

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Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend/Girlfriend

In modern times, expressions are accompanied with gifts. Romance, affection or love is expressed truly through gifts which in turn, bring happiness & joy on the face of your dear ones.

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We have on our shelf cakes to flower, teddy to chocolates, sweets to personalized gifts. Just select one of them or combo of gifts even when you are outstation & we will deliver to your loved ones on time for the special occasion.

Mysoregiftsflowers provides the service of gift delivery in Mysore & all over India even at the remote place since we believe distance is not hindrance for our expressions.

Maintaining long distance relationship is crucial. However, by sending adorable gifts, you make up for the distance. You have a boy or a girl friend in a distance relationship, we create better options for best birthday gifts.

You can buy deck of cards similar to diary & write on each page “THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU“

Customized frame will showcase maps of locations of both of you & arrow will connect both of you.

Love letters are all time favorites. We can create so many options for a letter every week in the month of birthday of your beloved.

Pillow talk is another cute gift option. Your heartbeat can be heard by your beloved partner.

Sending photo book is another adorable option.

Friends, online options are many & Mysoregiftsflowers is always at your service to express your feelings.

Flowers – Great Gift Idea

In modern times, the life has become very fast and urgent. Everybody wants things to be done at rocket pace. However expressing emotions and feelings have no exceptions. Expressing heartfelt emotions through flowers is a  special thing moreover gifts are unique in expressing feelings.

Any occasion, flowers are wonderful gifts. They elite the occasion with their own beauty and charm. We are here with a concept of online florists who could convey your wishes on time.

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Mixed Flowers Basket

Birthdays, office parties or simply a date with loved one, the flowers are definitely one of the best ways of expressing love. Flowers convey many things like your wish; you’re pray, your gratitude, your thanks giving and ultimately your love. Flower gifts certainly bring smile on face of the recipient and change the mood and environment.

On numerous occasions, we have question of gifting. Flowers instantly solve our dilemma whether it is birthday, anniversary, wedding or festival. We have numerous alternatives available in brick and mortar shops however the flowers attract our attention. Fresh, natural and elegant flowers give warmth. As such flowers become first time foremost natural choice when you think of buying the gift.

We are there to help you to cheer your near and dear ones   in any of the hard times or fun times. Flowers are medicines for a great mood now you can send anywhere in India flowers to desired one from our online portal and support them with your emotions. Even monotonous life frustrates people your bouquet of flower cheer up them.

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3 To 4 Feet Flowers Arrangement

You can express your emotions and send the greetings with flowers to brighten up the face of near and dears anywhere in India by our online portal.

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Festival of Secred Thread – Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Indians all over the world irrespective of caste, creed & religion. Particularly, this festival is observed by Jains as a religious festival. Jain priests give threads to their devotees.

The Raksha Bandhan has become a secular festival & all the brothers & sisters celebrate this day of secured relationship. There is no parallel celebration of brothers & sisters in any part of the world. The expression of love to each other in Raksha Bandhan is very heart touching.

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in the Hindu month of Shravana in India. The full moon day of this month is a Raksha Bandhan day. On this auspicious occasion, sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers. Rakhi symbolizes protection, embellished with the love & affection of a sister for her brother. Though the Rakhi Thread is frail, it is believed to be ‘stronger than iron chain’. This festival exhibits inseparable bond of love & trust. The festival also signifies living in harmonious co-existence.

The typical attributes of Indian festivals are also with Rakhi festival, hence gatherings, celebrations, exchange of sweets & gifts, singing & dancing all are evident.

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Rituals of Rakhi

The day of Rakhi festival is celebrated with preparation of pooja thali by sisters with diya, roli, chawal, rakhi thread & sweets. First prayer is performed in front of God & thereafter the sister ties Rakhi to her brother. She also wishes & prays for well-being & happiness of her brother. Brother, in turn acknowledges the love for his sister & promises to stand-by in good & bad times.

Sisters bestow brothers with gifts & blessings & brothers in turn, also gives gifts to the sisters. In fact, in this festival, gift symbolizes the physical acceptance of love & togetherness.

The significance of Rakhi gifts on this day is very immense. Identifying bright & brilliant gift ideas is a difficult task for the siblings. The celebration of Raksha Bandhan is not only in relatives & biological brothers & sisters, but also across the fraternity. Hence we have made selection process very easy for presenting innovative Rakhi gifts & ideas for brothers & sisters. Moreover, we have inserted practical tips on Rakhi gift selection .We are sure that your gift shall be more perfect & memorable for your siblings on Rakhi Day.

Rakhi celebrations are on about strengthening the bond of love between brothers & sisters. This festival has a long history as such the tradition is followed & style is contemporary. The gaietes of function have blown-up on a scale, but not the essence of bond of love.

Raksha Bandhan is an opportunity for all brothers & sisters to express their unconditional love & affection for each other.

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Ensure you celebrate this festival in a special way with our offerings of personalized Raksha Bandhan gifts. Picture of both of you siblings get printed on poster or a coffee mug. Your sister is sweet to cherish it throughout her life. Don’t forget to inscribe cute words & pun intended messages will make a day.

Nowadays even sisters give gifts to their loving brothers. We have a great collection to surprise your brothers with gifts like collection of apparels, watches, fragrances, wallets or gadgets.

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Flowers –Any occasion, be it birthday, anniversary or any important event, the flowers express right kind of complement and love. People world over prefer flowers as tool of expression. The smile on face of a loved one with beautiful roses is precious. With us we will have feel good since you order will be delivered as fresh as the flowers being plucked from the garden.

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Cakes- In modern times the cake have crossed the barrier of caste, creed and the religion and has become intrinsic part of any celebrations. The cakes with their taste sweeten the memories and leave behind the great mark of the occasion.

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Birthdays, Anniversaries and Special events are marked and celebrated with cakes. Traditionally cakes are bought from local cake shop then designed and iced to note the event and deliver personally. In modern era this practice has become thing of the past since life has moved on fast track. In present times you can buy and cakes of your choice online.

CAKES TO INDIA DELIVERY is a special section over site has wide variety of cakes available in this section and you can pick up regular express cakes variety even eggless.

Online Birthday Cake Delivery in Mysore, Cakes to Mysore

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The day and time of the cake delivery are of prime importance. Birthdays and Anniversaries are wished on the same date. Hence our delivery system makes it possible to reach your best wishes through the cake on the appointed day and date. Is rest assured no slip ups.

Gifting cake is a new way to congratulate someone you care for. The social networking of Facebook and whatsapp has become a public forum and loose the personal touch sending your wishes discreetly to your loved ones is an in-thing. You can also avail our online Flower Delivery Network to reach your loved ones with beautiful flowers along with cake.

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You can create memory by sending cakes on birthdays and anniversaries.

Any birthday party without a delicious cake is possible? Yummy and tasty cakes are integral part of birthday parties. Now with us you can buy cakes online from Mysore, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai or from anywhere from wide variety of cakes with their attractive look and deliver anywhere in India. The online shops offer endless no. of fresh and mouthwatering cakes to eat.

A small gift of cake make a big impact. This is the idea behind gifting a cake on a special occasion. There is no parallel for a gift of cake with a fresh aroma to any of the costliest gift. Take a look and order cake and flowers online with us for your special loved ones.

Father’s Day- A Must Celebrate

In anybody’s individual life, the role of father is very vital and important. All of us are actually emotionally and financially dependent on father but does not recognize the role Father plays.

In modern times father’s role is equally important in upbringing and nurturing children. The reports Worldwide show that Father’s involvement in children’s development is paramount important and yields positive results in development of child. Good education, healthy life, positive attitude are certainly developed through active nurturing by father.

Everybody would remember an advertisement of a small gal, “My daddy Strongest”. The psyche of the children always tend to feel their dads are heroes and infact invariably all daughters feel their daddys hero and role model.

Nowadays everybody has opportunity to recognize and celebrate father’s contribution in their life.

fathers day cakes, flowers, gifts


On every third Sunday of June is celebrated as Father’s Day. However todays younger generation is very occupied and busy, how then recognize father’s struggle to give best education and comfort to their children. Fathers of today’s generation have not done any partying and celebrating but focused on their children.  Let us make a father’s day an event for them.

Younger generation is nowadays well settled and earns better but at times are helpless due to their professional occupation. Even if they want to give a surprise to their father they don’t find time and ease.

Just remember BOOK A FLOWER.

Decide what your father would love. Any sensible person likes flowers and its fragrance. In today’s internet world it has become easy for you to celebrate any event on the click of mouse. Why not father’s day.

Order online a bouquet of flowers club therewith your favorite chocolate, dad used to bring for you and place order for home delivery. On father’s day don’t forget to keep a personal message. We are sure our timely delivery and service on that d-day you would get call invariably from your loving and affectionate dad. Once he receives your surprise remember distance does not matter. Bring loads of happiness.

Book a flower to certainly make your hero dad happy.